At my core, I am creative, passionate, and driven by my relationships with people.

Susan Anderson

As an abstract painter and an artist with a passion for connecting people, faith, and design, my work reflects both the struggles I’ve overcome as well as my optimistic nature. I began painting five years ago to heal from the loss of my mother, as well as an experience that broke my heart and tore some of my family apart. That subject is unfortunately something many can relate to, as sexual abuse has devastated so many families. My daughter’s world was changed forever!

Painting gives me the ability to fully express my emotions, while bringing joy, healing and peace to others. I find solace on the lakeshore, and recreating that sense of peace helps renew my spirit daily. There are waves in all of our lives, and many that reshape the landscapes of our futures. However, I believe that by focusing on our talents, counting our blessings, and inspiring those we love, we can learn to enjoy the scenery and find the calm within the storm.

I have been showcasing my work around the state for the last five years, but have also been an Art Director and owner of a regional marketing company for more than 25 years. As I continue to hone my craft, I look forward to giving more back to the community and to helping others find greater peace through my art.

Relax, enjoy and be still in the moment!


Painting beaches truly inspires my soul!

My work is meant to bring a sense of peace, joy and tranquility to others. Capturing the light, colors, textures and a moment in time is a passion for me. My work is created on tung in groove barnwood paneling and canvas with acrylic paints, gel mediums and other unique textures.

Original Painting

Sunset Series
66″ x 18″ on barnwood

Original Painting

Courageous Endurance
46″ x 16″ on branwood

Original Painting

34″ x 18″ on barnwood

Original Painting

Great lakes
65″ x 18″ on barnwood

Original Painting

Perfect Sunset
66″ x 18″ on barnwood

Original Painting

42″ x 18″ on barnwood

Original Painting

Sandy Beach
21″ x 21″ on wine barrel top

Original Painting

Windy Day
21″ x 18″ on barnwood

Original Painting

Fresh Water
38″ x 24″ on barnwood

Original Painting

Winter Beach
8″ x 8″ on canvas

Original Painting

Morning Glory
30″ x 24″ on barnwood

Original Painting

Optimism and Courage
46″ x 17″ on barnwood

Original Painting

Soul Healing
18″ x 16″ on barnwood

Original Painting

Great Lakes
35″ x 24″ on barnwood

Original Painting

Fall Days
8″ x 8″ on canvas

*Custom Painting

let me create your dream piece

I’m so glad that you’re interested in the commission process.

I will work with you throughout the entire process to guarantee your expectations are met. My pricing is based on the size of the painting and approximately how much time it will take to complete. I am happy to collaborate with you to create a custom, one-of-a-kind painting just for you!

I will be there every step of the way throughout the creative process, from helping you choose a size, color palette, location in your home, all the way through to delivering/shipping your finished painting with extreme care.

My Process

It all starts with a conversation. We will talk through details that will soon make up your new original painting! Just click the link below and fill out a little form to help me get to know you and what you are looking for.

Down Payment

I require a 50% down payment before starting your custom piece. (deposit = 50% of total).  Next, we will then schedule a time to either see your space in person (if you’re local), chat on the phone or via email about the design side of things (size, colors, what past paintings of mine you love the most, etc..)


I will begin your custom painting! I usually leave 3-4 weeks to complete a painting. During this time I will send you process photos or if you are local you are more than welcome to come see the painting in person.


Once the painting is finished and you have approved it, it will be delivery time! This is the best part, I ship or deliver all paintings. They are wired and ready to hang in your home. If your painting is over 48 inches we will chat ahead of time about different shipping options to figure out what would work best for you.


Don't take my word for it

John Truscott

“I’ve watched Susan’s work evolve over the last several years.  We have gotten to the point that we now seek out her booth at art fairs.  The last piece we bought hit us as soon as we saw it.   With art, you just know what you like – and we love Susan’s work.”

Tracy DeWent

“I couldn’t be happier with “Deep Waters”! I am so excited to hang it in the cottage we are building. It’s breath taking! Sue, your talent blows me away and so thankful I was able to purchase a special piece from your beautiful collection. When I hang it up next month, I will post a picture! It is absolutely stunning and is vibrant with the colors! This one is going in my bedroom! Whoo Hoo!

I am hoping this is one of many for me – thank you again Sue!”

Anj Sikkenga

“Having just purchased a new home we had a very large wall that needed a large piece of art work.  So, we hired Sue to make us an amazing picture.  Having seen several of her pieces of work that I loved I decided that I wanted to combine some ideas together to create the picture in my mind.  After discussing color and size Sue went to work.  She created a beautiful piece of art for our wall and we always have the beach sunset to admire.”

Vicki VanZalen

“I have 3 paintings from Susan and I have had numerous compliments on how stunning they all are!  Each piece fits perfectly with the “Coastal” feel and look that I want my home to have.”


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